A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made by alkozma and calamber

Procedural room generation broke so here's just one room.

 how to play

shoot the monsters so they drop pipes. walk over the pipes to collect them.
you must build a pipeline between the two end points.

building is done by pressing the "b" button to enable build mode. You can now click to place a pipe piece that extends your line.  Press number keys to switch pipe type. The leftmost type is "1".

Press "V" to exit build mode and enter combat mode.

game for 42 game jam 2019

VR support coming soon

Install instructions

press 'b' for build mode. click to place. start with the right side end node.

Use number keys to switch pipe type/shape

press 'v' for combat mode


themolassesiscoming_windows.zip 12 MB
themolassesiscoming_macOS.zip 14 MB
themolassesiscoming_linux.zip 1 MB

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